About Us

Dalgıç Forest Products produce the furnitures such as tables, chairs and kitchen corner sets in Adana region. Our aim is to produce the quality products and offer to the market since our first day. That’s why we have never conceded using first-class materials, defi nitive customer satisfaction, working dicipline and workmanship.
At the same time, not only in the production but also showing the same rigor in instalments is provided that our customer portfolio has been led to rapid the development.

We renew our product varieties according to the developments and changes that happen in our sector every year. To get the best result, we use the best raw materials in production. Additionally, with the help of quality employee, we achieve our products with the new, high-tech machines.

As Dalgıç Chair Table, we design not only producing our own unique models but also the chairs which are special to firms. Usage areas of our products which are made of: Dining rooms, kitchen table and chair groups, restaurants, cafeterias, chairs and tables used for fast food areas, hotels, resorts and chairs and tables used for bars.